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Services and Approach


Leadership Coaching

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As your coach, my aim is to assist you in navigating your leadership journey with success. By gaining insight into your motivations, aspirations, obstacles, and professional and personal goals, I can help you develop an action plan that aligns with your values.

As part of that process, I can also conduct a 360-degree assessment to provide valuable feedback into your coaching objectives.


Team Coaching 

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As a leader you can enhance alignment and performance by taking the following steps in a team coaching process:

  • Engage with your clients proactively and understand what they value about working with you

  • Assist your team in defining their purpose, values, and strengths

  • Create a sense of inclusivity and belonging that fosters trust and ownership to facilitate candid conversations, and 

  • Use team agreements to guide and maintain actions and behaviors over time.


Facilitation + Speaking

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I find it fulfilling to facilitate teams and provide them with a structured approach to address their agendas. Whether it's resolving a systemic business issue, identifying areas for improvement, or creating a new strategy, I enjoy helping teams achieve their goals.

Additionally, I have given keynote presentations at provincial, national, and US forums on topics such as energy policy, embedding sustainability in organizations, and promoting allyship in the workforce.

My Approach

Experience that my clients value:

  • Knowledge and experience with teams tackling emerging issues to meet organizational goals

  • Team management addressing interpersonal and individual dynamics, including performance management

  • Experience mentoring, coaching, training, and participating in employee resource groups

Areas my clients engage me on:


  • Leading from a values perspective

  • Designing one's style, tone, impact + brand

  • Building a professional network

  • Managing competing agendas

  • Overcoming obstacles in their career 


  • Defining a teams' value to its clients

  • Building a team agreement to improve alignment and effectiveness, as well as clarity of roles and responsibilities

  • Facilitation around systemic organizational challenges such as process improvement to policy design and implementation

How we get started:

  • An exploratory meeting will help you see if there is a mutual fit.  I also offer a free coaching session to support your evaluation. 

  • I will prepare a proposal based upon your goals for you to review and confirm in a letter of agreement

    • Individual engagements typically target six 50 min sessions

    • Team engagements vary in length depending on the goals

Hear what my clients have to say

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